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23 Ways to Eat Clean


You may think this information is obvious, but a LOT of people are still confused as to what eating clean is. Theres some stuff on this list that even I was like WHAT?!

I hope this clears up any confusion <3

1. Apples

1st Choice (Natural State): Apple

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Applesauce

Limit (Highly Processed): Apple toaster pastry

Shopping Tip: While applesauce is a healthy choice, it has fewer nutrients than a whole apple.

2. Oranges

1st Choice (Natural State): Orange

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): 100% orange juice

Limit (Highly Processed): Orange drink

Shopping Tip: Many fruit drinks contain high fructose corn syrup and little real juice.

3. Strawberries

1st Choice (Natural State): Fresh strawberries

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Strawberry preserves

Limit (Highly Processed): Strawberry gelatin dessert

Shopping Tip: Gelatin desserts usually contain artificial strawberry flavor, not real fruit.

4. Peaches

1st Choice (Natural State): Peach

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Canned peaches in 100% juice

Limit (Highly Processed): Canned peaches in heavy syrup

Shopping Tip: Fruit canned in heavy syrup has more sugar and calories than fresh fruit.

5. Figs

1st Choice (Natural State): Fresh figs

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Fig preserves

Limit (Highly Processed): Fig sandwich cookies

Shopping Tip: Packaged fruit cookies may contain refined sugar and preservatives.

6. Pineapple

1st Choice (Natural State): Pineapple

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Canned diced pineapple

Limit (Highly Processed): Pineapple cocktail cup

Shopping Tip: Fresh pineapple is higher in vitamins C and A and beta-carotene than canned.

7. Corn

1st Choice (Natural State): Corn on the cob

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Corn tortilla chips

Limit (Highly Processed): Cornflakes

Shopping Tip: Buy tortilla chips with just three ingredients: whole corn, oil, and salt — and eat in moderation.

8. Spinach

1st Choice (Natural State): Spinach

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Bagged prewashed spinach

Limit (Highly Processed): Frozen creamed spinach

Shopping Tip: When buying frozen vegetables, avoid those packaged with sodium-rich sauces. Buy plain and add your own light sauce.

9. Garlic

1st Choice (Natural State): Garlic

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Jarred minced garlic

Limit (Highly Processed): Bottled garlic marinade

Shopping Tip: Minced fresh garlic is cheaper and more flavorful than jarred.

10. Carrots

1st Choice (Natural State): Carrots

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Baby carrots

Limit (Highly Processed): Frozen honey-glazed carrots

Shopping Tip: Baby carrots are healthy but more expensive than regular-size loose carrots.

11. Soup

1st Choice (Natural State): Soup from scratch

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Canned soup

Limit (Highly Processed): Dehydrated soup mix

Shopping Tip: Homemade soup often has less sodium and more flavor than canned.

12. Ham

1st Choice (Natural State): Heritage ham

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Deli ham

Limit (Highly Processed): Packaged deli bologna

Shopping Tip: Heritage varieties of pork are much less likely to contain hormones than factory meat is.

13. Turkey

1st Choice (Natural State): Whole turkey

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Deli turkey

Limit (Highly Processed): Store-bought turkey meatballs

Shopping Tip: If you buy turkey and other meats at the deli counter, ask for brands free of fillers and nitrates.

14. Beef

1st Choice (Natural State): Grass-fed beef

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Grain-fed beef

Limit (Highly Processed): Frozen beef patties

Shopping Tip: Grass-fed meat is higher in nutrients and lower in fat than grain-fed beef.

15. Chicken

1st Choice (Natural State): Fresh chicken breasts

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Deli sliced chicken

Limit (Highly Processed): Chicken nuggets

Shopping Tip: Chicken nuggets contain very little real chicken.

16. Eggs

1st Choice (Natural State): Pasture-raised eggs

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Omega-3-fortified eggs

Limit (Highly Processed): Egg beaters

Shopping Tip: Pasture-raised eggs may have 35% less saturated fat, 60% more vitamin A, and 200% more omega-3s compared to omega-3-fortified eggs and egg beaters, which come from chickens kept in coops.

17. Cream

1st Choice (Natural State): Cream

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Fat-free half cream / half milk

Limit (Highly Processed): Flavored dairy creamer

Shopping Tip: Flavored dairy creamers are often made with colorings, artificial flavors, and corn syrup.

18. Yogurt

1st Choice (Natural State): Plain yogurt

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Flavored yogurt

Limit (Highly Processed): Flavored yogurt drink

Shopping Tip: Buy plain yogurt and flavor it at home with honey or fresh fruit.

19. Bread

1st Choice (Natural State): Whole grain bread

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Wheat bread

Limit (Highly Processed): Fortified white bread

Shopping Tip: If a whole grain isn’t the first ingredient, you’re missing out on nutrients.

20. Pasta

1st Choice (Natural State): Dried whole wheat pasta

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Dried white pasta

Limit (Highly Processed): Instant noodles

Shopping Tip: Whole grain pasta is higher in antioxidants than white or instant noodles.

21. Rice

1st Choice (Natural State): Brown rice

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): White rice

Limit (Highly Processed): Flavored instant rice

Shopping Tip: Brown rice, unlike white, hasn’t had its fiber-rich layers of bran and germ removed.

22. Nuts

1st Choice (Natural State): Peanuts

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Natural peanut butter

Limit (Highly Processed): Processed peanut butter

Shopping Tip: Natural peanut butter should contain only peanuts and a dash of salt.

23. Soy

1st Choice (Natural State): Fresh edamame (whole soybeans)

2nd Choice (Somewhat Processed): Tofu

Limit (Highly Processed): Frozen veggie burgers (containing soy ingredients)

Shopping Tip: Frozen veggie burgers are vegetarian-friendly but are highly processed.

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